Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Easter Wreath

Hello again, and welcome back! Today I wanted to share with you all my Easter egg wreath that I made recently. This is my inspiration picture that I saw on Pinterest originally found on Etsy:
Bright & Colorful Spring Easter Egg Wreath - looks easy...wrap foam wreath with your choice ribbon then hot glue different color plastic eggs to the wreath then hang with ribbon.

Since I have bad experience with hot glue between fabric and plastic (high school art project), I decided this method wouldn't work for me. Instead, I thought a better approach would be similar to stringing beads on a necklace. Here are the supplies I used: 
  • Wire (bendable but sturdy)
  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • A drill with a small bit
  • Easter decorations from the dollar store (I got sparkly bunnies!)
  • Ribbon
Step One: Mold your wire into the shape you want. I did an outer and inner ring for a fuller look
     P.S: Don't close these up yet or you won't be able to string the eggs on!

Step two: Get someone's help! One person holds the egg while the other drills. My little brother James helped me drill while I held. You need 2 holes on opposite sides of the egg for stringing. Drilling on the inside prevents the bit from slipping. Make sure to shift these holes for some variety!

Step three: I strung these on one by one right after I drilled each one so that I could stagger color and position but you could easily drill them all first and then string them on. 
My Brother James :)
Step four: Make sure they lay how you want them. (if they don't stay, hot glue them together)

 Step five: DECORATE!!!! Ribbon, bunnies, chicks, pictures, Easter grass, etc. Use your imagination!

Thanks for reading! Come back soon!